Week 1 interactive exercise and test

For this exercise we will be looking at Breezometer which provides accurate live air quality emissions around the world. It provides real-time information on health sensitivities related to air pollution, indoor and outdoor pollutant levels, and if it is safe for children and sport activities.

  1. Click here to go to the Breezometer website.

  2. Search for an area of your choice using the search bar. This could be where you live, where you work or study, or just an area you are interested in.

  3. What is the dominant pollutant in the area? What are the levels for each pollutant? How do levels change depending on the time of day? Discuss below.

  4. Compare this area to somewhere else of your choice. Is it similar or different, can you tell why this might be? Share your findings below.

*You can take the end of week test by clicking on the test button located on the right.