Topic 1b - Part 2: Copernicus, CAMS and Global Networks - The role of satellites in CAMS

Satellite data is an important part of Copernicus and CAMS as it provides a complete global picture of the atmosphere which would otherwise be unattainable if measurements were solely taken from in-situ instruments.

The network of Earth observation satellites that provide data for Copernicus are split into two groups of missions: the Sentinel satellites which were developed specifically to meet the needs of Copernicus, and the Contributing Missions , which supply complimentary data to make sure that all observational requirements are met. The current and planned Contributing Missions are comprised of missions from ESA, European and international organisations and both ESA and EUMETSAT are responsible for the operation of the current Sentinel satellites.

Both of these groups of missions work to continuously monitor and relay essential data back to Earth through the Copernicus Ground Segment - which processes, stores and disseminates the data so that it is ready for operational use.

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The satellites featured in this topic are as follows:

Sentinel-3a; Sentinel-5p

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Illustration showing what CAMS does.

CAMS Services

Diagram of the services CAMS provides


Image of sentinel-5p in orbit