Week 2 – Pollution, air quality and health

This week covers pollution and air quality, and the subsequent health effects.

Topic 2a - Air quality and types of atmospheric pollution

Air quality refers to the chemical composition of trace constituents close to the surface of the earth, which impact on humans. It is a global issue.

Topic 2b - Part 1: Air quality measurements - in situ instruments & validating satellite data

In situ measurements are ones that are obtained through direct contact with the respective subject.

Topic 2b - Part 2: Air quality measurements - Mobile in situ measurements

Monitoring methods can range from on the ground to planes, towers, spacecraft, or vehicles.

Topic 2c - Part 1: Street level sensing – the role of ultra-local monitoring

This topic looks at street level monitoring. Many urban areas around the world have local street level air quality monitoring.

Topic 2c - Part 2: Street level sensing - instruments & particle measurement

In this video Dr David Green goes into more detail about the street level sensors in London, and how they are used to monitor PM10 and PM2.5.

Topic 2d – Part 1: Air quality, NO2, CO & the ozone layer

Satellites can measure lots of different sources of atmospheric pollution, such as Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide and Particulate Matter.

Topic 2d - Part 2 (Applications case study): NO2 models

In this video Johannes Flemming looks at a model showing Nitrogen Oxides produced from Lightning.

Topic 2e - International agreements for air quality

In order to manage the Earth’s resources and control atmospheric pollution from the local to the global scale, international agreements occur.

Topic 2f - Practical Products – City level apps for air quality and health

This topic looks at near real-time applications which can be used by the public to monitor air pollution around them.

Atmosphere Extras – Citizen science

This topic looks at citizen science, which involves members of the general public collaborating with scientists on a project.

Week 2 interactive exercise and test

Week 2 end of week interactive exercise and test