Topic 2b - Part 2: Air quality measurements - Mobile in situ measurements

Monitoring methods can range from on the ground to planes, towers, spacecraft, or wagons. Different kinds of measurements can be combined together to get a full picture and the most accurate data.

The University of Bremen has a mobile measuring unit called the ‘Messwagon’. It is essentially a van equipped with a number of atmospheric measuring instruments. Instruments include an intake tube which sucks in air and this air is sent to different instruments to be analysed, and a MAX-DOAS telescope, both of which can be found on the roof.

In this video Dr Folkard Wittrock will look at the Messwagon and it’s instruments in detail, and show examples of the data it produces.

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  • Dr Folkard Wittrock

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Uni of Bremen Messwagen

This is an image of the University of Bremen’s ‘Messwagen’