Topic 3d - Part 2: Measurements from aircraft - data examples from IAGOS

Further detail about data acquired by the IAGOS programme, with Hannah Clark.

Featured Educator

  • Dr Hannah Clark

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Map of IAGOS flights

Map of IAGOS flights from 1994 - 2018

Ozone measurements from Honolulu flight

Ozone measurements from return flight from Honolulu to Auckland in 2017

Beast from the East Article

feb 2018 news article about cold spell that effected Europe, nicknamed the Beast from the East in the UK.

Paris CO 2017

Paris CO measurements 16/10/17 - 17/10/17

Portugal wildfire article

Copernicus article on measuring the impact of emissions from the deadly wildfires in central Portugal on air quality in Europe.

Frankfurt O3 measurements

O3 measurements for Frankfurt from 2016

Wildfire emissions across France and Northern Europe

Global CAMS aerosol forecast shows smoke from the Portugal fires transported across France and northern parts of Europe on June 22nd 2017

Paris O3 and CO Measurements from June

O3 and CO measurements in Paris from 21/06/2017

Paris O3 and CO Measurements

O3 and CO Measurements for Paris

Ozone measurements from Honolulu - LA flight

Ozone measurements from return flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles in 2018