Topic 5a - Part 1: Future Innovations - Open data and emerging data services

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Copernicus provides free and open access to its data products including CAMS.

Due to the extremely large amount of data that is available and will be available in the future, DIAS (Data Information and Access Service) are being set up to allow easier access to users. The WEkEO Copernicus DIAS is a new data service that is provided by EUMETSAT, Mercator Ocean, and the ECMWF. It was launched in June 2018 and enables users to discover, search and access Copernicus data for free including all data from Sentinel satellites, contributing missions and the Copernicus marine, land, atmosphere and climate services.

When all Sentinel satellites are in operation they will deliver in excess of 10 petabytes of data each year. Information from the Copernicus services, derived from the Sentinels, other satellite data as well as information from the Copernicus in-situ component, add to the total amount of geospatial data generated or made available by the Copernicus programme.

Data from Copernicus is used by service providers, public authorities and other international organisations to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Europe.

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  • Dr Mauro Facchini

  • Prof. John Remedios

  • Dr Martin Adams

  • Dr Mark Higgins

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Sentinel data access statistics

Graphic showing sentinel data access statistics taken 5th April 2017

Copernicus: open data policy

Graph showing number of registered users from 2008-2017 for each mission data